Sunday, February 20, 2005

Europe, European Union (I)

Observations on Europe at Year's End, Sam C. Holliday
Europe: A More or Less Perfect Union?, Timothy Weaver

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illegalalien said...

Dream On America!
Well, to quote the erstwhile songwriter Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) 'to dream you've gotta be asleep.' I don't think many British people are enamoured with the American version of the good life. Many would recoil at the public christianity on show, but what alternatives are there?

Jacques Chirac would have us believe in a secularised conglomeration of money-grabbing nations called the EU. The EU Constitution has caused a stir as it tries its hand at social engineering. The Roman Catholic Church is up-in-arms with the lack of an honourable mention for God. It seems the secularisers are winning the battle though, as I can't think of a serious comment made by the Protestant Church. Has it lost it appetite for protest?

What is offered by this secular republic? Obviously not Eden or a bright future, but simply work till you drop, so that others can live off the fat of the land and dear sir or madam, you can be that fat!! Is that why obesity is now a European problem? Are the Euro-elite fattening us up to maximise their profits?
Secular heaven awaits those in a position to exploit the tired and bedraggled masses of Europe. As for the masses, they can no longer hope in the American Dream. All that is left is an uncertain future, without a pension, but then they won't need one if the retirement age is extended any further!!
Geoff Hall
Bristol, UK

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