Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Asia, Africa, Latin America II

Handing the 21st century to Asia, Dominique Moïsi
Conversation about Human Rights Crisis in Darfur, HREA
The End of Colonialism? The Irony of Bandung Conference, Claude Arpi
Imperialism of the Fittest , V. Inozemtsev & S. Karaganov
China's Search for Stability with America, Wang Jisi
Rising Dragon and the American Eagle - Part I, David Shambaugh
Rising Dragon and the American Eagle - Part II, Robert Sutter
The Dragon Awakes, Ian Bremmer
China: Is it a Threat, or an Opportunity?, People's Daily Online
Contagious Capitalism: Globalization and the Politics of Labor in China, Mary Elizabeth Gallagher
Made in the PRC: Consumers in China, Amy Hanser
Domestic Threats to China's Rise, Adam Wolfe
China's Internet: Let a Thousand Filters Bloom, Rebecca MacKinnon
ChinaScope Magazine
The Schizophrenic Superpower, Alan Dupont
India's Promise? Conflicting Prospects for the World's Most Populous Democracy, Devesh Kapur
India: America's New Ally?, Stephen P. Cohen
The India Imperative, Robert D. Blackwill
An Axis of Democracy?, Rajan Menon & Swati Pandey
Regional Integration in East Asia: Challenges and Opportunities- Part I: History and Institutions , E. Sakakibara & S. Yamakawa
Virginia Review of Asian Studies, VCAS
Comparative Connections (E-Journal on East Asian Bilateral Relations), CSIS
International Third World Studies Journal and Review, Univ. of Nebraska
Inter Press Service News Agency
Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military, Husain Haqqani
An Inquiry into the D-8 Experiment: An Incipient Model of an Islamic Common Market?, Berdal Aral
Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine , Yahoo News
Millennium Development Goals: Moving Backwards, Gustavo Capdevila
Global Anti-Poverty Campaign Hangs in the Balance, Haider Rizvi
The Dollar and Development, Richard Sabot
(Mis)Understanding Chávez and Venezuela in Times of Revolution, L. Vivas & J. Pablo Lupi
Boletín Tecnología para la Organización Pública
Educational Portal of the Americas
Africa, Asia, Latin America (I)

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