Monday, October 10, 2005

American Politics and Foreign Policy (III-IV)

Can Democracy Stop Terrorism?, F. Gregory Gause III
The United States as a Debtor Nation, William R. Cline
The World Loves America but Resists its Power, Rami G. Khouri
How America Lost Iraq, Aaron Glantz
American Civil-Military Relations and the Use of Force, Peter D. Feaver & Christopher Gelpi
Tuned Out: U.S. Foreign Policy After the Cold War, Rita E. Hauser
U.S. Foreign Policy Since World War II: An Essay on Reality's Corrective Qualities, Cliff Staten
Survey: Europeans Object to US Foreign Policy, MSNBC - USA
American Character Gets Mixed Reviews, The Pew Research Center
HNN Poll: What Does Katrina Tell Us About American Society?, HNN
How Americans View U.S. Foreign Policy, Public Agenda and Foreign Affairs
The U.S. Versus The World?: How American Power Seems to the Rest of Us, Gareth Evans
U.S. in the World: Talking Global Issues with Americans: A Practical Guide
Partners or Rivals? European–American Relations after Iraq, Matthew Evangelista (ed.)
More Say Iraq War Hurts Fight Against Terrorism, The Pew Research Center
The Neglected Home Front, Stephen E. Flynn's Library
The WWW Virtual Library-American Foreign Policy
American Foreign Policy Magazine, Princeton Univ.
American Political Development Website, The Miller Center/U.Va
9/11 and the Past and Future of American Foreign Policy, Melvyn Leffler
The September 11th Sourcebooks, The NSARCHIVE/GWU
Conversations with History: The Rise of al Qaeda, with Steve Coll
Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America, Mae M. Ngai
A Country of Immigrants: What is an American?, Christopher Edley
America and the Challenges of Religious Diversity, Robert Wuthnow
Abiding Faith, Mark Chaves
Human Rights and Ethical Globalization, Mary Robinson
Isolationist Invasion, Francis Fukuyama
The Battle for Congress in 2006,Joelle Fishman
The Pax Americana and the Middle East, Bradley A. Thayer
The Middle East Under Pax Americana, 2003-2004, Ted Thornton
The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II: A Collection of Primary Sources, The NSARCHIVE/GWU
U.S. Leaving Iraq? It's Still the Politics, Stupid, Bernard Weiner
Defending America: Military Culture and the Cold War Court-Martial, Elizabeth Lutes Hillman
An American Tragedy: The Decline of U.S. Unionism and its Human Rights Implications, Peter Zwiebach
America:Sovereign Defender or Cowboy Nation?, Vladimir Shlapentok et al
America's Neo-Conservative World Supremacists Will Fail, Eric Hobsbawn
Bush's Budget and the Gutting of Social Security, Mark Levinson
The Future of Tradition, Lee Harris
A Liberal Vision for the New Century, Douglas S. Massey
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Emad Mekay
A Question of Vision, Sherle R. Schwenninger
Naked Imperialism, John B. Foster
The Truth About God and George, Simon Freeman
Trust in Decline?, Pamela Paxton
American Politics and Foreign Policy (II), The Reflection Cafe
American Politics and Foreign Policy (I), The Reflection Cafe

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