Monday, November 13, 2006

Humanistic Texts

Aeschylus Albiruni al Ma'arri Amenemope Asoka Augustine Bacon Bantu Bedouin Bentham Ben Sirach Bhagavad Gita Bilhana Boccaccio Bruni Buddha Bushmen Carvaka Cervantes Chinese Odes Chong Ch'ol Chu Hsi Chuang Tzu Comnena Comte Condorcet Confucius Copernicus Darwin Dekanawidah Democritus Descartes Du Fu Egyptians Elizabethans Epictetus Epicurus Erasmus Eskimos Euclid Euripides Galileo Gandhi Goethe Gorgias Gracian Greeks Grotius Hafiz Hammurabi Han Fei Tzu Harvey Hebrew Scribes Hebrew Songs, Hippocrates Hitomaro Homer Ibn Khaldun Ibn Khallikan Ifaluk Jefferson Jesus of Nazareth Justinian Kamo no Chomei Kenko Khayyam King Ki No Tsurayuki Koheleth Lao Tzu Li Po Locke Lu Chi Lucretius Machiavelli Manetti Maori Mencius Montaigne Mo Tzu More Muhammad Newton North American Indian Paine Petrarch Po Chui Polybius Ptahhotep Rabelais Rodó Sa'di Samuel Shakespeare Sima Qian Sin-leqe-unnini Smith Socrates Sor Juana Sumer Sumer Poems Sun Yat-sen Tamil Poems Thucydides Tiruvalluvar Tolstoy United Nations Valla Vardhamana Vitruvius Vives Voltaire Wang Ch'ung Wang Yang-ming Wollstonecraft Xunzi Yukaghir Zitkala-Sa
From the writings of the authors listed above, Humanistic Texts shows how people around the world gradually develop an understanding of what it is to be human. Multicultural extracts portray the wit, wisdom, and poetry of individuals as they reflect on ethics, philosophy, knowledge, and human relationships.

Through these excerpts we have the pleasure of encountering active, probing minds. We can read of humanistic ideas as they break through into history for the first time. Often, even the oldest ideas remain fresh and new.

The excerpts aim to be of sufficient length to convey an author's way of thinking. To facilitate further exploration of any particular line of thought, references to more extensive texts are given. Extracts from individual authors can be accessed alphabetically from the list above. A listing of authors by date of birth can be reached by clicking on Timeline; this provides a list of the time periods covered, with brief biographies of the authors in each time period. An index and a search function can be reached by clicking on Search. For an Introduction to these texts and more information about this site, click on Background.

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