Friday, June 08, 2007

Higher Education: Choices, Goals, and Leadership

University of California-Berkeley
Conversations With History
Interviews: Texts & Videos
Robert Berdahl; Chancellor, UC Berkeley: "Leading Berkeley into the 21st Century," 9/4/98 video

James O. Freedman; President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; former President of Dartmouth: "Liberal Arts and Higher Education," 4/18/01 video

David Pierpont Gardner; former President of the University of California: "Leadership in Education," 10/21/98 video

Ira Michael Heyman; former Chancellor, UC Berkeley, and former Secretary, the Smithsonian Institution: "Values, Persuasion, and Leadership in the Public Sector," 8/1/00 video

Charles R. Larson; Admiral, U.S. Navy, Ret., and former Commander of U.S. Pacific Forces: "Education and Leadership in the Military," 3/9/00 video

Hans Mark; Chancellor, University of Texas: "Technology, Universities, and the Changing International Environment," 3/15/88

Martha C. Nussbaum; Ernst Freund Distinguished Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago: "Women's Rights, Religious Freedom, and Liberal Education," 9/14/06 video

Frank Rhodes; President Emeritus, Cornell University: "Adaptation and Change in the American University," 3/31/99 video

Harold T. Shapiro; former President of Princeton University and the University of Michigan: "The Changing Role of University Presidents," 3/18/03 video

Joseph Tussman; Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, UC Berkeley: "Education and Citizenship," 1/13/00 video

Charles M. Vest; Former President of MIT: "Leading MIT into the 21st Century," 9/12/05 video

David Ward; President of the American Council on Education and former Chancellor, University of Wisconsin at Madison: "Academic Leadership," 5/2/01 video

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