Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lectures on Heidegger / Being and Time

Hubert Dreyfus / Univ. of California-Berkeley
One of the most important philosophical works of the twentieth century, Being and Time is both a systematization of the existential insights of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and a radicalization of Husserl's phenomenological account of intentionality. What results is an original interpretation of the human condition leading to an account of the nature and limitations of philosophical and scientific theory. This account has important implications for all those disciplines that study human beings.
Being-in-the-World I
Being-in-the-World II
The Worldhood of the World I
The Worldhood of the World II
Critique of Descartes I
Critique of Descartes II
Spatiality I
Spatiality II
The One I
The One II
Being-in, Disposedness I
Being-in, Disposedness II
Understanding II

Lecture Clips (MP3s) are available at:

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