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Remaking Turkey: Globalization, Alternative Modernities, and Democracies

In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in Turkey's ability to create a secular, constitutional democracy within a predominantly Muslim population. Remaking Turkey provides a comprehensive and detailed account of how Turkey has achieved the possibility of modernity and democracy in a Muslim social setting, as well as the important problems and challenges confronting this achievement. Turkey has demonstrated that, as an alternative modernity and a significant historical experience of the coexistence between Islam and democratic modernity in a secular political structure, it could make an important contribution to the most needed democratic global governance for the creation of a secure, just, and peaceful world. Remaking Turkey starts its investigation with an analysis of the Ottoman legacy, then proceeds by focusing on identity-based conflicts and civil, economic, and global processes, each of which have brought about significant challenges to modernity and democracy in Turkey. It concludes with an account of the recent changes and transformations that have given rise to the process of "remaking Turkey." In this way, editor E. Fuat Keyman presents a political theory-based approach to Turkish modernity and its recent changing formation, creating an original study of contemporary Turkey.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

October 2007

Editor: E. Fuat Keyman

Table of Contents

Foreword Fred Dallmayr xi
Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: Modernity and Democracy in Turkey E. Fuat Keyman xv

Ottoman Presence

Ottoman Awqaf, Turkish Modernization, and Citizenship Engin F. Isin 3

Reflections of European Self-images in Ottoman Mirrors Ash Cirakman 17

Problematizing Turkish Modernity

Laiklik and Turkey's "Cultural" Modernity: Releasing Turkey into Conceptual Space Occupied by "Europe" Andrew Davison 35

From Culture of Politics to Politics of Culture: Reflections on Turkish Modernity Hasan Bulent Kahraman 47

The Public Sphere and the Question of Identity in Turkey Feyzi Baban 75

The Question of Recognition

Defensive and Liberal Nationalisms: The Kurdish Question and Modernization/Democratization Murat Somer 103

A Legitimate Restriction of Freedom? The Headscarf Issue in Turkey Murat Borovali Omer Turan 137

Globalization, Modernization, and Democratization in Turkey: The Fethullah Gulen Movement Berrin Koyuncu Lorasdagi 153

The Anatomy of Civil Society in Turkey: Toward a Transformation Ahmet Icduygu 179

Amongst Other Nations

Reconceptualizing Center Politics in Post-1980 Turkey:Transformation or Continiuty? Aylin Ozman Simten Cosar 201

Turkey, September 11, and Greater Middle East Bulent Aras 227

Turkey and European Integration: Toward Fairness and Reciprocity Senem Aydin Duzgit E. Fuat Keyman 245

Figures and Tables 259

About the Contributors 263

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