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'50 Ways to Live the Good Life'

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Pub. Date: December 2006
With her 25th book, lifestyle philosopher Alexandra Stoddard offers simple steps for taking charge of your life--your way. In brief essays filled with useful examples and optimism, she reveals 50 choices you can make to live joyfully in pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful. Her essays help us trust ourselves ("Intuition is your guiding light"), stay steady in a storm ("Your choices count most in a crisis"), embrace the new ("Accept opportunity"), address unfinished business ("Have as few regrets as possible"), surround ourselves with delights ("Redefine what is beautiful"), and remember to have fun ("Cheap thrills are thrilling").

As a pioneering writer and lecturer on personal happiness for the past twenty years, Alexandra has inspired millions to break the "rules" and pursue fulfillment. Now, as scientists have begun to discover the benefits of living a happy life, Alexandra provides practical ways to live happily every day. She puts us in charge of our choices, reminding us that we always have a choice about what we think, feel, and do. When we are true to ourselves, we can fly above stress and conflict, contented and confident that we are the right path.

Every choice you make is an opportunity to delight in life. You Are Your Choices offers insight and companionship each step of the way.

Deborah Bigelow - Library Journal

Stoddard's (Living a Beautiful Life) guide, which invites readers to live a good, beautiful, and true life, fits right in with people's desire to live life differently in the new year. In 50 short essays, Stoddard incorporates the thoughts of great philosophers and leaders into commonsense ideas for daily application. She invites readers to embrace variety, e.g., by tasting a new flavor of ice cream or learning to identify constellations. Similarly, she encourages the celebration of simple rituals by using a special bar of soap or a beautiful towel for hand washing. Everyone will undoubtedly find something of value in this gem of a book for most public libraries.


Alexandra Stoddard is the author of more than twenty-five books and is a sought-after speaker on the art of living well. Through her lectures, articles, media appearances, and books such as Choosing Happiness, Things I Want My Daughters to Know, You Are Your Choices, and many more, she has inspired people around the world to pursue more fulfilling lives. She and her husband, Peter Megargee Brown, live in Stonington Village, Connecticut.

Table of Contents

An Invitation 1
Every Day, Commit Yourself to Experiencing the Good Life 4
Be True to All Your Choices 9
Be Responsible-Say No 12
Stand On Your Own Two Feet 15
Information Is Not Inspiration 19
Take Satisfaction in Doing the Right Thing 22
Go After What You Love 25
Have Realistic Expectations 29
Live from the Inside Out 33
Celebrate Simple Ceremonies 36
Reevaluate Your Priorities Regularly 43
Have as Few Regrets as Possible 48
Leave the Safe Harbor 52
Who Knows, It Might Be Good 57
Redefine What Is Beautiful 61
The Power of Flowers 67
Share the Beauty 72
Live with the Objects You Love 75
Why Not Be Comfortable? 80
Maintain Balance Through Your Choices 84
Cultivate Good Energy 87
Cheap Thrills Are Thrilling 91
You Own Your Self 95
Stop Complaining 98
Accept Responsibility 101
Be Aware 104
Your Choices Count Most in a Crisis 107
Faster Isn't Better 109
Reach Out-Literally 113
Privacy Please 116
A Free Day for You 119
Good Design Matters 122
Enough Is Enough 125
Give Yourself Time 130
Get Going 134
Embrace Variety 138
Move On 143
Walk Away 147
See the Big in the Little 150
Surround Yourself with People You Trust 154
Intuition Is Your Guiding Light 157
Never Say Never 160
Understand the Law of Cause and Effect 162
Choose Love for Yourself and Others 165
Do More Things That Make You Happy 168
Trust Your Subjective Well-Being 171
Avoid Perfection in Pursuit of Excellence 176
Get Organized 181
Why Not Now? 186
Wise Choices, Yes, and Good Luck 190
Source: Barnes and Noble

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