Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Balkans

Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: From Triumph to Despair, Adeed Dawisha
Is Democracy in the Middle East a Pipedream?, Fawaz Gerges
Promoting Middle East Democracy: Is the US on the Right Track,Thomas Carothers & Marina Ottaway
New Ambitions New Anomalies: NATO and the Broader Middle East, Berdal Aral
The Arab 'Street' and the Middle East's Democracy Deficit, Dale F. Eickelman
The U.S. & the Middle East Three Years after 9/11, John L. Esposito
Grand Middle East Initiative or Bringing Democracy to Muslim Countries, A. Nuri Yurdusev
Power and Identity in Flux: American Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East, Engin I. Erdem
Fallout from the War on Terror, J. Alexander Thier
Iraq: the Wrong War, Mary Caldor
Arab Studies: A Critical Review , CCAS-Georgetown Univ.
The Rejuvenation of Classical Orientalism in the US: Patriotic Academics ,As'ad Abukhalil
The New Ivory Towers: Think Tanks, Strategic Studies and "Counterrealism", Leila Hudson
Islam, Islam-the West Relations, The Reflection Café
Breaking the Vicious Circle of Anti-Americanism and Islamophobia , Louay Safi
Political Reform in the Arab World: Reality and Illusions ,The Carneige Endowment
War and Peace in the Middle East: An Interview with Phyllis Bennis ,Political Affairs
Turks may look back with anger at Israel, Bulent Aras
Israel and Turkey: Current Relations and Strategic Interests , BICOM
From Rapprochement to Strategic Partnership: Turkish-Israeli Relations in the 1990s, Engin I. Erdem
Conflict Resolution in the Neighbourhood: Comparing the Role of the EU in the Turkish-Kurdish and Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts, Nathalie Tocci
Engage, Don't Isolate, Iran, Robert Hunter
The Impact of Current Events in Uzbekistan, Martha Brill Olcott
Caspian Basin Leaders Hail Opening of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, EURASIANET
Central Asian Gateway Kyrgyzstan: Revolution or Not?,Yasar Sari & Sureyya Yigit
Kyrgyzstan's "Tulip Revolution", Martha Brill Olcott
Violence in Uzbekistan and the Role of the United States, Yasar Sari & Sureyya Yigit
Uzbekistan's Tipping Point: The Violence in Andijan and What Comes Next ,Martha Brill Olcott
Institutional and Political Challenges and Opportunities for Integration in Central Asia, Central Asian Gateway Forum
Ethnic Conflicts in the Boundary Regions: Barrier for Central Asia Integration, Mingul Seitkazieva & Davlatbek Aminov
Toward the Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, Engin I. Erdem
Central Asia in the Global Economy, S.Frederick Starr
The Concept of Eurasia and Turkey's Regional Strategies, Ruben Safrastyan
Russia's Future Foreign Policy: Pragmatism in Motion, Yevgeny Bendersky
Russia in Focus
Alice-in-Wonderland Russia, Artemi Troitsky
Bosnia: Post-Industrial Society And The Authoritarian Temptation ,ESI
The Future of Kosovo: Towards A Kosovo Development Plan, ESI

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