Monday, August 08, 2005

Islam, Islam-the West Relations (II)

Violence and Islam/Muslims
American Muslims Have a 'Special Obligation', Ingrid Mattson
Muslims in America, Jane I. Smith
Hardliners in Search of Moderate Muslims!, Louay M. Safi
The Muslim Ghetto, Geneive Abdo & Steven Simon
Are the Jihadists Losing the War? Gilles Kepel Thinks So , Leslie Evans
The Struggle for Islam's Soul, Ziauddin Sardar
'Islam and Terrorists Do Not Go Together', Khalid A-H Ansari
Conversations with History: The Rise of al Qaeda, with Steve Coll
Islamic Statements Against Terrorism, (Ed.) Charles Kurzman
U.S. Muslims Issue Anti-Terrorism 'Fatwa' , Yahoo News
Beyond the Condemnation of Terrorism, Louay Safi
The Threat of Internal Extremism, Muqtedar Khan & John L Esposito
Islamic Extremism: Common Concern for Muslim and Western Publics, Yale Global
Identity and Human Rights in the Age of Globalization: Emerging Challenges in the Muslim World , Mahmood Monshipouri
We Need New Answers , Cem Ozdemir
Religion has no part in this (London Attack), Sher Khan
Islam and Democracy
Civilizational Conflict and Cooperation

Secretary General Announces Launch of 'Alliance of Civilizations' , The UN Website
Religious and Civilisational Dialogue , Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islam & the West: Testing the Clash of Civilizations Thesis, Pippa Norris & Ronald Inglehart
Avoiding a Clash of Civilisations, Bernadette Young
The Crescent and the Union: Islam Returns to Western Europe, John D. Snethen
The Republic's "Second Religion": Recognizing Islam in France, Mayanthi Fernando
Europe and Islam: The Challenge of Inclusion, MERIP
The West and Moderate Islam , Amr Hamzawy
Turkey's Bid for EU Membership, The Reflection Cafe
Islam, the West, and the World, Immanuel Wallerstein
Anti-Western Critiques in Turkey, Iran, and Japan: Historical and Comparative Perspectives, Harvard Univ.
Culture, Power, and War:What Roles for Turkey in the new Global Politics , Samuel P. Huntington
The Challenge of Islam: Encounters in Interfaith Dialogue, Douglas Pratt
U.S. Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11, RAND
The Rise of the West
Islamic Civilization & Islamic Studies

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