Thursday, August 04, 2005

Some Ideas on Turkey's Bid for EU Membership

Europe's Borders and Basics: Where to Situate Turkey?, Ernst Hirsch Ballin
The European Transformation of Modern Turkey, Kemal Dervis-Sinan Ulgen
European Integration and the Transformation of Turkish Democracy, Senem Aydin & Fuat Keyman
EU membership means vital change for Turkey, Elias H. Tuma
The December 2004 European Council Decision on Turkey: Is it an Historic Turning Point?, Kemal Kirisci
Turkey on the Threshold: Europe’s Decision and U.S. Interests, The Atlantic Council
Turkey in Europe Monitor, Michael Emerson & Senem Aydin
Euro-Turks: A Bridge or a Breach between Turkey and the European Union?, Ayhan Kaya & Ferhat Kentel
Turkey's Accession to the European Union, Daniel Bautista
Does "Muslim" Turkey Belong in "Christian" Europe?, The Pew Forum
Should Turkey Join the EU?, BBC
Turkey: To Negotiate, or Not?, Café Babel
Turkey: In the Light of the Final EU Decision , H. Yener Ekrose
The Turks and Europe: Uninvited Guests or Sharers of a Common Destiny?, Selim Deringil
Turkey, European Union and the "Knowledge Society", Václav Klaus
Turks in Europe: From a Garbled Image to the Complexity of Migrant Social Reality , Ural Manço
Turkish Modernization and Challenges for the New Europe, Ziya Onis
Turkey and the EU: Politics and Economics of Accession, Harry Flam
Diverse but Converging Paths to EU Membership: Poland and Turkey in Comparative Perspective, Ziya Onis
The Reluctant Debutante: The European Union as Promoter of Democracy in its Neighbourhood, M.Emerson, S.Aydın, G.Noutcheva, N.Tocci, M.Vahl, R. Youngs (CEPS)
Turkey's Membership Application: Implications for the EU, Neill Nugent
Economic Aspects of Turkey 's Quest for EU Membership , Daniel Gros
Turkey in the European Union: Implications for Agriculture, Food and Structural Policy , A Burrell et al
The Economics of Turkish Accession, Katinka Barysch
Turkish Delight - Does Turkey's Accession to the EU Bring Economic Benefits?, Ruud A. De Mooij & Arjan Lejour
Looking to Europe, Economist Survey-Turkey
Articles-Studies in Turkish, Dusunce Kahvesi


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