Friday, May 19, 2006

Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Balkans (II)

Middle East
In the Mideast, the Third Way is a Myth, Shibley Telhami
American Thinking About Violence in the Middle East , Alan Richards
Iraq: The Logic of Disengagement , Edward N. Luttwak
The Kurdish Question and Turkey's Justice and Development Party, Hakan Yavuz & A.Nihat Ozcan
The Turkish Alternative to Christian Democracy? The Importance of the AKP , Ziya Onis
What Turkey's EU Entry Means for the Middle East, Ibrahim Al-Marashi
The 2006 Middle East & Central Asia Politics, Economics, and Society Conference , Univ. of Utah
21st Annual Middle East History and Theory Conference , University of Chicago
Thirteenth Annual Central Eurasian Studies Conference Program, Indiana Univ.-Bloomington
The Palestinians' New Dynamic , Shibley Telhami
Prominent Egyptian Human Rights Activist Looks on the Bright Side of the Middle East , Leslie Evans
Who's Afraid of Islamic Government? , William O. Beeman
Beyond Liberalization?, Daniel Brumberg
What Went Wrong in Iraq and Prospects for Democracy and Stability , Larry Diamond
Iran and the US: A Mystic and Poetic Path to Conflict Resolution and Peace Making, Kamran Mofid
Democracy and Iran , Open Democracy

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