Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some Ideas on Turkey's Bid for EU Membership (III)

Turkey Encounters with the New Europe: Multiple Transformations, Inherent Dilemmas and the Challanges Ahead , Ziya Onis
Conference Report: The European Perspective of Turkey after the December 2004 Decision, Galatasaray University
Turkey on its way to the EU , College of Europe Collegium
Report: Beyond Enlargement Fatigue? The Dutch debate on Turkish accession, ESI
Globalization and Party Transformation: Turkey's Justice and Development Party in Perspective, Ziya Onis
The European Union and Grassroots Democratization in Turkey, Paul Kubicek
Greek-Turkish Rapprochement: Rhetoric or Reality?, Ziya Onis & S.Yilmaz
The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone?, Michael Lake
It's a long way to Copenhagen? , Willem H. Buiter
Turkey:On Europe's Verge?, Henri J. Barkey & Omer Taspinar
Turkey and the European Union: 2004 and Beyond, The Foreign Policy Institute
Promoting Democracy through Civil Society: How to Step up the EU's Policy towards the Eastern Neighbourhood , Kristi Raik-CEPS
The Cost of Rapprochement: Turkey's Erratic EU Dream as a Clash of Systemic Values, Leda-Agapi Glyptis
The European Union's Turkish Dilemma, Krzysztof Bobinski
Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey: The Implications of EU Accession, Assia Hadjit & Edward Moxon-Browne
Various Ideas on Turkey-EU Relations , The Turkish Daily Zaman
Some Ideas on Turkey's Bid for EU Membership II, The Reflection Cafe
Some Ideas on Turkey's Bid for EU Membership (I), The Reflection Cafe

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