Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Reflection Cafe April-May-June 2007

Thinking clearly, writing clearly, Jefferson Flanders
Higher Education: Choices, Goals, and Leadership, Conversations With History- Univ. of California-Berkeley
Conversations With Nobel Laureates, Conversations with History, Univ. of California-Berkeley
'O heart, what a wonderful bird you are', Mevlana J. Rumi
Identity and Change in the Network Society, Conversations With History- Univ. of California-Berkeley
Lovely Faces, Beautiful Smiles (I), The Reflection Cafe
What Is This I Believe?, National Public Radio
Islam, Islam-the West Relations (IV), The Reflection Cafe
Wisdom, Intelligence, Creativity, Robert J. Sternberg
The Craft of International History, Marc Trachtenberg
Sociology of Public Intellectuals, ANOVASOFIE
UNESCO’s International Rumi Year celebrates the great poet/thinker, Ozge Esirgen
International Perceptions of the United States since 9/11, David Farber (Ed.)

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