Monday, April 28, 2008

FP: The Top 100 Public Intellectuals

Foreign Policy Magazine
May/June 2008

Want to help choose the world’s top public intellectuals?
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They are some of the world’s most introspective philosophers and rabble-rousing clerics. A few write searing works of fiction and uncover the mysteries of the human mind. Others are at the forefront of modern finance, politics, and human rights. In the second Foreign Policy/Prospect list of top public intellectuals, we reveal the thinkers who are shaping the tenor of our time.

We chose the first 100. Now, it’s your chance to choose who should receive top honors by voting for the world’s top five public intellectuals. The list of the Top 20 Public Intellectuals—based on your votes—will be published in our July/August issue.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Choose your five top intellectuals in the ballot below by clicking on an individual’s name. (If you are unfamiliar with any of our picks, just check out their bios.) To undo a pick, simply click the box again.

2. Write in a candidate. Who should we have included, but did not? Click the “Write in a candidate” option at the bottom of the ballot, and let us know who we missed.

3. Submit your votes.

You may only vote once. Voting closes May 15.

Criteria: Although the men and women on this list are some of the world’s most sophisticated thinkers, the criteria to make the list could not be more simple. Candidates must be living and still active in public life. They must have shown distinction in their particular field as well as an ability to influence wider debate, often far beyond the borders of their own country.


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