Friday, November 29, 2013

International Relations since 1945

The seventh edition of Geir Lundestad’s classic overview of the history and key developments of international politics in the post-war era continues in the clear, accessible and authoritative vein of previous editions. The book provides an engaging narrative of all the significant events since 1945 and equips you with the knowledge and skills with which to approach contemporary issues in international politics.
  • an account of the world as it has evolved up to 1945
  • an updated section on Barack Obama and the Greater Middle East, with a new discussion on the events surrounding the Arab Spring
  • a new section on population, gender and the environment
  • essential updates on superpowers, state and non-state actors, and global governance
  • a new conclusion considering the future of the international system

This fully revised new edition now includes:

Complete with annotated further reading lists accompanying each chapter, the book skilfully guides you through all the important events that have shaped the international system since 1945.

East, West, North, South remains essential, accessible reading for all students of international relations, world politics and international history.

Table of Contents

The New World
The Cold War in Europe, 1945–1949
The Cold War Becomes Global, 1945–1962
Detente Between East and West, 1962–1975
Renewed Tension Between East and West, 1975–1984
The End of the Cold War, 1984–1990
Major Powers and Local Conflicts after the Cold War, 1990–2013
The Arms Race, 1945–2013
The United States and Western Europe, 1945–2013
The Soviet Union/Russia and the (formerly) Communist Countries, 1945–2013
The Rise of East Asia
Economic Relations Between North and South, 1945–2013
Two Theories on Development and Under-development
Globalization and Fragmentation
Conclusion: The Future

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